Yewlands Schools

The Yewlands group of 7 schools are based in Sheffield and are run by head teacher Angela Armytage who worked with the foundation to raise several thousand pounds towards our Budukwaa program in Ghana, where a community centre/kindergarten was built. The schools also provided a number of books and writing equipment for children in schools in the communities surrounding the Blue Skies factory. The schools also used the project to educate their children with activities which included producing sets of African drums.

The Yewlands group of schools is a family of schools based in Sheffield who aim to provide their students with a 'world class' education. Inspired by our website, head teacher Angel Armytage sent 3 school teachers with the foundation on a trip to Ghana in 2008 to assess whether they could work with schools on the ground. While on the ground they investigated whether it would be possible to produce a pen pal system where children in Ghanaian schools pen palled with children in the Yewlands schools in Sheffield via internet communication. Unfortunately this was not possible due to a lack of electricity, internet and IT facilities in Ghanaian schools. However since our trip, Blue Skies who hosted the foundation and the schools in Ghana and who still work with us are pioneering a scheme where schools in the UK and Ghana exchange scrap books, and items. This gives each community a taste of the partner community in the other country, and educates children about the cultures, environment and sustainable development.

The communities appreciated the visit and the schools, and we look forward to working with them in the future. is a blog that was produce by Toby who came with us on our visit to Ghana in 2008.