Who to donate to

There are all sorts of causes which you can donate to, cancer charities, animal charities, community charities, however we especially recommend donating to poverty because ending poverty is a really good way for you to make  difference. By donating towards cost effective solutions to end poverty, you can help people at the bottom of the world rise up to live better lives, and you can achieve a lot for a small price. Clean water and sanitation are in the top 5 of our list of most cost effective ways of ending poverty, and you can buy a family of four clean water and sanitation for life for just £25. You can donate to programs achieving end like this such as the 'Blue Skies 2012 Program' or to WaterAid. However we especially recommend donating to the foundation for community inspiration because not only do you get to donate to these specific programs which are cost effective at ending poverty, but 20% of your money is reinvested towards earning even more donations.

You can read more about the foundations programs and also donate to the foundation on the donations page.